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dpaContactUs the easy to use spam proof contact form

No more spammers filling up your website contact form. No need to reveal your true email address to spammers. No need to have multiple emails if you have many websites. It is easy to use and easy to install php contact form.

In dpaContactUs, you are given two forms, a Contact form and a Sign up form. The first is a one with many spam proof features including CAPTCHA and the second is for you to collect your visitor's email addresses to build a contact list. This list can then be used to send your readers special offers and articles.

Yes, it can be used as a simple contact form with one email address or as a spam proof form or as proxy email server.

As a simple form you just need to provide your mailing address and have up to 10 fields for your visitors to fill up. All your visitors must confirm their email address before anything is sent to you.

The block spam mode requires two mailing addresses. One is a no-reply@mydomain.com address and the other is your real address that you use frequently. No one will know your real address until you reply to their inquiries. This can block spammers from sending you junk mail.

The third way of using it is by using it as a proxy email server. If you have many websites then the contact form information is forwarded to your assigned proxy server for it to send out all the mails. That is all your websites can share one address.

About the developer of dpaContactUs

Dr. Peter Achutha

Hi, I'm Dr. Peter Achutha, a Computer Engineer and have a few websites that are under daily attack by hackers and spammers. So I decided to do something about this and developed a dpaContactUs that can be used in almost all websites provided that you have php 5.3 or higher on your server.

dpaContactUs was designed so that no one can send you a message without verifying their email address. Great isn't it - no non existent email addresses or garbage. It includes censor features too, you can block emails addresses, IP addresses, and distasteful keywords.

This contact form can even be used on blogs like WordPress. In fact I am using this as my WordPress contact form.

dpaContactUs spam proof contact form

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Firstly, the dpaContactUs will expect every visitor to register and confirm their mailing address. This is done by emailing them a confirmation link. Clicking on the confirmation link confirms a genuine visitor with genuine email address.

Secondly, if you use two email addresses it becomes very straight forward to hide your real email address. dpaContactcUs will use the primary address, such as no-reply@mydomain.com, to send out confirmation emails but only use the rerouted or secondary address, your real email address, to send you the information the visitor submitted. That means no one will know your real email address until you reply to the visitor. Watch the video

dpaContactUs pricing

proxy server for php license software

Just try out the 30 Day Trial Version of dpaContactUs and you would probably be impressed by how easy it is to install and use.

We tried our best to keep everything simple. We tried to block spammers by making it hack proof and spam proof. Best yet, we have included lots of helpful documentation to help you use dpaContactUs quickly and easily. So if you are not sure about something just click on the Help Button.

For all those features and work involved in development, we are not asking for yearly licensing fees or a very high price, just something most people can afford, won't complain about and find it very good value for money. We have priced dpaContactUs reasonably for a one time license fee and you can use it for as many years as you can.

Free 30 Day Trial Version 30 Day Trial Version
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Can be installed in up to 10 domains or sub-domains.

What do I do after downloading dpaContactUs software?

You can send us your inquires.

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